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Kevin Mannens

Technical Director

Kevin Mannens is an oscar-nominated and Annie Award winning technical director and visual effects designer who has been instrumental in close to a dozen Hollywood blockbusters. During his career Mannens has worked at the world's leading visual effects facilities including Industrial Light and Magic, Moving Picture Company and Sony Pictures Imageworks. His credits include Transformers: Age of Extinction, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Pacific Rim, The Amazing Spiderman and Alice in Wonderland (for which Imageworks received the Oscar nod). As part of the FX team at ILM, Mannens was the recipient of the 2014 Annie Award for “Outstanding Achievement in Animated Effects in a Live Action Production” for his work on Pacific Rim. A visual storyteller first and foremost, Kevin is fluent across various media from 3D animation and VFX to Live action and virtual reality. Kevin considers himself a perpetual student of light; a visual lyricist galvanized by a world filled to the brim with stories to be told and inspiring characters to be explored.

  • "Finally the wonders of MEL are accessible for people with even a bare minimum of technical knowledge! Kevin's thorough production experience and strong educational background shows through in this excellent series on MEL. With his witty eloquence and well-structured approach he makes even the most advanced concepts and techniques understandable. This set is without a doubt an invaluable resource for any aspiring TD - and any artist who is interested in optimizing and fine-tuning his pipeline."

    - Tom Kluyskens
    Senior Technical Director Sony Pictures Imageworks