Originality in Design

Creating a Unique Form Language with Nick Pugh


The ultimate goal for the concept artist is to create an individual artistic design language that is unique to them. Nick's demo takes the viewer through the process he uses to get as close to this goal as possible. The ephemeral nature of this subject is discussed within the framework of historical context. Inspiration sources and methods for cleansing the mind and body are shown, and a hands-on process is demonstrated. Over 140 pages of sketches lead to 6 pencil-rendered images that define a novel look and form that can be applied to a wide variety of designed objects.

Duration: 120 minutes

Format: SD 640x480

Nick Pugh

Concept Designer

Concept Designer Nick Pugh has been pursuing originality in the fields of vehicle and entertainment design for over 15 years. After graduating from Art Center with a BS in Transportation, he delved into a long-term project to build a functional concept vehicle of his own design. This endeavor has led to the design and development of personal concept cars for other clients. Nick is a Lead Concept Artist for visual effects studio Rhythm and Hues, where he creates original character, vehicle, FX and prop designs for feature films, commercials and print. Recent film credits include The Ring 2, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Garfield and Serenity. His personal work can often be seen in books and media publications.

  • "Nick has been creating fantastic designs for the entertainment industry since he graduated from the Art Center College of Design in 1990. I always wondered how he applied a unique form language to a range of creatures, vehicles and architecture. These tutorials reveal his inspiring process, including some of the Photoshop rendering techniques that make him one of the world's top concept artists."

    - Scott Robertson
    Design Studio Press