The Gnomon Workshop

The Digital Maquette Vol. 1

Art Direction and Digital Sculpting


Zack Petroc's Art Directing Series begins with "The Digital Maquette". This title presents an innovative and direct approach to 3D content creation. Zack demonstrates a Maya-to-Mudbox workflow, outlining the advantages of digital sculpting and showcasing the benefits it can offer your design team. The workflow is presented with the artist in mind. It highlights specific tools and techniques focusing on how they add to the creative freedom of your design process. As Zack creates two characters from the initial box mesh to final sculpted pose, he discusses how to define your character from both an art directing and digital sculpting perspective. This lecture is intended for Art Directors and Production Designers who are interested in discovering how digital sculpting can add to their creative process. Additionally, it presents information for artists who are interested in growing their skills as digital sculptors.

Duration: 165 minutes

Format: SD 1024x768

Zack Petroc

Model Supervisor

Zack Petroc has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Cleveland Institute of Art with a major in Sculpture. He studied anatomy at Case Western Reserve School of Medicine, and figure sculpture in Florence, Italy. Zack's strong design foundation and unique approaches to digital sculpting enable him to contribute to all aspects of design, from concept to final sculpt. Zack was model supervisor on Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, and continues working with director Kerry Conran as an art director and model supervisor on John Carter of Mars.

  • " Zack Petroc's creative gifts place him at the forefront of the emerging field of digital art direction. Zack's great talent in all the traditional areas of artistic expression, coupled with a technical ability that takes a back seat to no one, combine to make him a truly unique talent. A rare ability to bring true artistry to life in a highly technical environment helps to set Zack apart. "

    - Kevin Conran
    Film Maker