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Creating Assets for Games using Photogrammetry

with Guilherme Rambelli


In this workshop, Guilherme Rambelli demonstrates, step-by-step, the latest techniques for creating high quality assets for games using photogrammetry. Guilherme begins by explaining the concepts behind photogrammetry and, through live action video, shows how to capture a full 360 asset by shooting photos from all necessary angles. The source images are then processed in Color Checker Passport and Adobe Lightroom, for full color correction following the Macbeth Chart. At this point the images can be processed in the photogrammetry software Reality Capture, for a high quality reconstruction of the scanned asset. The high resolution asset and associated texture are then exported for additional processing to reduce poly count and optimize topology. The low-poly geometry is created based on the high-res photoscan model using a combination of ZBrush and Maya for decimation, retopology and UVs. The textures maps (AO, Curvature, Tangent Normal, World Space Normal, Position map) are then baked in Substance Painter, and the Base Color and Bent Normal in Xnormal. These maps are used as Source Data for the Unity Delight tool to remove all Highlights and Shadows from the Base Color map, resulting in an unlit Albedo map. Once the Albedo map is generated, all PBR maps are created back in Substance Painter, using Substance Generators and Custom masks, to isolate specific features of the scan and to make sure a physical and accurate look of the asset can be achieved. Once the asset is ready, a Diorama will be assembled in Marmoset Toolbag to demonstrate techniques of scene assembly, lighting and post-processing to create a final render of the assets in the context of a game engine. For those looking to incorporate Photogrammetry into their projects, this title provides a thorough demonstration of production proven techniques.

Duration: 271 Minutes

Format: HD 1920x1080

Guilherme Rambelli

3D Artist at DICE

Guilherme Rambelli started his career working as a 3D Generalist at “Hello There”, helping to create promos for clients such as Marvel, Hasbro, Bravo TV and Toyota, creating, scanning and assembling 3D environments. In 2015, Guilherme joined 8i Labs, a group created by former Weta Digital artists to research and create a new format of volumetric capture using photogrammetry and other techniques. There, Guilherme was responsible for creating & delivering environments for VR experiences combining 3D scanning and digital 3D techniques for projects with NASA, Warner Brothers, Buzz Aldrin and others. Currently, Guilherme works at DICE Los Angeles as a 3D artist, participating on the development of the Battlefield franchise, as well as researching new methodologies to create real-time content.