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Introduction to Maya 2023: Volume 2

Building & Animating 3D Models in Maya With Eric Keller


Eric Keller returns with the second volume in our Introduction to Maya 2023 series. Following on from Introduction to Maya 2023: Volume 1, Volume 2 consists of 14 short chapters which focus on introducing the primary tools that you'll be using to build and animate models in Maya. 

The goal of this workshop is to help you establish a foundation of understanding of the Maya polygon workflow and the various approaches to animating your models. You'll learn about the Modeling toolkit, the UV toolkit, the GraphEditor, improvements to deformers, and animation visualization tools and animation layers. The skills that you develop in this workshop will help you tackle many of the more intermediate and advanced tutorials available at The Gnomon Workshop.

A number of helpful assets are available to download as project files with this workshop to help you with examples and to follow along with the workshop. Plus, a bonus chapter describes some of the new tools and updates recently released in Maya 2023.

If you haven’t watched Volume 1, be sure to take a comprehensive tour of the Maya interface, covering navigation along with the many editors that you'll need to use when building 3D models and scenes in preparation for this second volume. In Volume 3, Eric will introduce lighting shading and reveal how to export assets for use in real-time game-editing software, like the Unreal Engine development kit.

Duration: 4h 24m

Format: HD 1920x1080

Eric Keller

CG artist

Eric Keller is a veteran CG artist with over 20 years of experience creating models for feature films, episodic TV, scientific visualization, planetarium shows, VR, AR, 3D printing, and jewelry design. He creates training titles for The Gnomon Workshop and has also taught ZBrush and Maya classes at Gnomon School in Hollywood.

Eric has been working as a professional CG artist since 1998 creating animations and images for both the entertainment industry and scientific visualization. He has written several top-rated books on both ZBrush and Maya, as well as numerous tutorials and articles for leading industry magazines such as 3D World.

He has now authored multiple video series for The Gnomon Workshop on ZBrush and Maya and was honored to be a guest lecturer at Harvard Medical School. He has worked as a visual effects artist on commercials, television, games, and feature films for decades, with credits including 10 Cloverfield Lane, Star Trek: Beyond, Aquaman, Power Rangers, Swamp Thing, and John Wick 3: Parabellum.

  • "Eric Keller is an Invertebrate lover, an animator, an author, ,artist, and the list goes on! His knowledge of all aspects of 3D and his love of the natural world has in my mind made him one of the go to guys in the industry. His passion is what makes him one of the best authors and teachers out there! Eric approaches his work seriously but with a sense of humor and a zest for knowledge. I am constantly surprised and inspired by Eric's ability to make any topic interesting and fun. His new tutorial will definitely be one I will watch over and over! "

    - Mark Dedecker
    Asset lead at Deluxe Entertainment

  • "Eric Keller is a Renaissance man. By combining his artists eye, his passion for natural science, and his skill as a teacher he has brought this fantastic tutorial to life! Eric easily shifts from exceptional sculpting, to finessing the intricacies of Vray and Maya, to explaining the nuances of the Arthropoda Insecta Hymenoptera. Its that kind of attention to detail that makes great artists freakin amazing. I am constantly in awe of Eric's breadth of knowledge and skill. We are all fortunate he has chosen to share some of that in this tutorial! "

    - Scott Spencer
    Weta Workshop NZ

  • "Eric Keller is a master ZBrush artist. Anyone who wants to know ZBrush in depth should buy this tutorial! For an in depth understanding ZBrush, look no further than Eric Keller's amazing works. I wish I could Crtl+C, Crtl+V what Eric Keller knows directly into my brain!"

    - Jared Krichevsky
    Creature Designer at The Aaron Sims Company