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Realistic Dog Grooming for Production with Xgen

with Jordan Soler


In this workshop, Grooming Artist Jordan Soler shares his entire process for creating a realistic dog groom from scratch using Maya, XGen and a bit of Mari. He begins by explaining how to properly setup your files and analyze your references. He then moves on to guide creation and the refinement of modifiers while providing production proven tips and tricks in XGen and grooming in general. To conclude, Jordan covers a quick overview of the shader he uses and how he sets up color maps to make a great looking final render. If you're looking to create a realistic animal / creature or for those seeking useful tips on grooming, this course provide a complete overview of the production workflow for creating a realistic animal groom.

Duration: 3h 38m

Format: HD 1920x1080

Jordan Soler

Grooming Artist at Image Engine

Jordan Soler is a Senior Groom Artist currently working in the VFX industry where he has worked with companies such as Illumination MacGuff, MPC, Animal Logic, Method studio and is currently working at Image Engine as a Groomer. His work can be seen on various projects such as Despicable me, Fantastic Beasts, Aquaman and Peter Rabbit. Working with many different studios and projects, Jordan has become very flexible and is able to adapt to the diverse situations he faces on a day-to-day basis in the industry as a Groomer.