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Introduction to Maya Fluid Effects Vol. 2

Cloud Simulation Fundamentals


In this title, Wayne Hollingsworth demonstrates effective techniques for the creation of dynamic cumulus and stratus clouds with Maya fluids. The workflow begins by discussing and executing different types of particle emission for the cloud shapes. This includes the nDynamic particle system, caching, and how to utilize the Trax editor to take advantage of re-timing and offsetting for the cloud simulation sequences. Wayne's methodology provides precise control over the shape of the clouds while offering a flexible workflow for various applications. With the cloud system simulated, the lecture delves into texturing, lighting and rendering techniques for photorealistic clouds. Render passes that utilize render layers, RGB passes, Multi-scattering and Beauty are created and then compositing inside of Nuke with an emphasis on the flexibility that this provides for lighting adjustments in the final composite. For those needing to incorporate dynamic 3D clouds into their digital environments, this title provides a production proven and extremely effective workflow.

Duration: 220 minutes

Format: HD 1280x720

Wayne Hollingsworth

Senior FX TD

Wayne Hollingsworth began his career in 2009 after graduating with his masters degree in computer animation and visual effects from Digital Media Arts College. He then went on to pursue his dream in visual effects at MPC. After his stay at MPC he has been currently freelancing making stops at A52, Luma Pictures, Psyop, Digital Domain, Gravity, Zoic Studios, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Blur Studios, and most recently Pixomondo. Having experience working in both the commercial and film industry, he contributes on an educational level teaching a Dynamics coarse at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects. One of his passions is to strengthen the Maya, Houdini and 3dsMax community and continue to contribute to the knowledge base regarding Fluid Dynamics.

  • "Wayne is one of the rising stars in FX. He figured out fluids quickly and is taking fluids to only where the top Maya FX artist are. He's been one of the leaders in helping new artist get better results online."

    - David Schoneveld
    Lead FX at Deluxe Entertainment