The Gnomon Workshop

Scripting Fundamentals, Volume 1

with Mike Harris


In 'Scripting Fundamentals, Volume One', Pipeline Technical Director Mike Harris details the core fundamentals behind every scripting language. While this lesson focuses on the use of the MEL scripting language, the principles covered apply to any other scripting language of choice. It is intended to not only inform you of what you need to do in your code to get it up and running quickly, but also WHY you are typing what you are typing and what it means. The ultimate goal of this demonstration is to give the student a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding as to what the code is doing, and how to then apply those principles to your own scripting needs. Designed for both the beginner and experienced scripter alike, anyone interested in improving their ability to augment software with custom tools will benefit as they develop the skills that support any major industry pipeline.

Duration: 303 minutes

Format: HD 1600x900

Mike Harris

Pipeline Technical Director

Mike Harris is an industry veteran with years of experience as a pipeline and tool developer. He has contributed to all of Disney's blockbuster animated feature films of the past nine years, providing support and structure through the animation pipeline. His skills in pipeline management and development have also translated well to his experience as an instructor at the Gnomon School. Mike’s credits include Big Hero 6 (Pipeline TD), Frozen (Pipeline TD), Wreck-It Ralph (Pipeline TD/Stereoscopic Layout Artist), Tangled (Pipeline TD), Bolt (Stereoscopic Pipeline TD) and Meet the Robinsons (Stereoscopic Pipeline ATD).