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Storyboarding Techniques: Creating a Polished Animatic

Creating an Animated Video Using Photoshop & Premiere Pro With Rembert Montald


Learn how to turn your rough storyboard sequences into fully colored animated videos with this new tutorial by Rembert Montald, a Storyboard Artist at Riot Games.

Following on from his Storyboarding Techniques: Creating a Fight Sequence workshop, Rembert shares his professional techniques for turning a rough animatic into a final animatic. Focusing on the first 16 seconds of his fight sequence, he gives an in-depth explanation of his thought process when approaching storyboarding for animation. His lecture includes a discussion of the importance of camera placement, as the way a camera moves can be used to great advantage — especially when working with dynamic shots.

This is an advanced drawing workshop; however, Rembert’s approach to teaching is to make his techniques inclusive for all levels and abilities. This workshop aims to empower artists with the confidence to create their own animations, whether for showcasing in a portfolio, using to secure a new job, or pitch an idea to a stakeholder.

Rembert’s final animatic can be downloaded with this workshop.

Duration: 3h 33m

Format: HD 1920x1080

Rembert Montald

Storyboard Artist at Riot Games

Rembert Montald believes the best way to tell a story is to show it. Intrigued by the intricacies of visual storytelling, Rembert pursued an education in animation and art in Brussels, Belgium, and later Gobelins, Paris. After working on a variety of things, including storyboards for animated movies and even theme parks, he decided Belgium was a little too small for him. Since then, he’s lived and worked all over the globe, including Croatïa, Germany, Portugal, and the U.S.A.

For the last three years, he’s been working at Riot Games as a concept and storyboard artist and was mentored by Ryan Woodward.

View Rembert’s resume on LinkedIn and follow him on Instagram @rembertmontald.

  • Rembert’s broad spectrum of interest creates vibrant pieces. Does not seem to matter whether a sentimental shot of a couple, an action scene strained to the edges of tension or a sublime environment is needed, he delivers it with confidence using traditional approach or when the medium demands, with unconventional solutions.

    - Aron Elekes
    Concept Artist at Riot Games

  • Rembert's brush is timeless, and brings with it a knowledge and execution that would make the great masters proud.

    - Ron Pucherelli
    Animator/Game Developer for Dreamworks, Sony, Riot Games

  • Rembert’s cinematic knowledge shines through with this workshop; his broad experience with Film, Animation, and Painting make him a modern-day master.

    - Bo Zonneveld
    Concept Designer for Marvel Studios, One Pixel Brush

  • Rembert is a master storyteller and he can tell stories with an economical amount of frames, I gotta learn more from him!

    - Eric Yamamoto
    Freelance Storyboard Artist (Warner Bros., Marvel, Disney, Riot Games)